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A hobo is an itinerant worker, a career which sprang up during the depression. A hobo, unlike a bum or a tramp, is more than willing to work, but mostly for a short duration, as their main impetus is travel, the love of the journey above the actual destination. A bum is stationary, feeding off of those unfortunate enough to cross his path; a hobo merely travels from town to town, finding work when he can, but only for the sake of financing his next adventure. NEVER call a hobo a bum...they'll kick your sorry no-bo ass!

Bob Yowie Kilgour

Yowie is one of several Australian folklore entity reputed to live in the Outback. The creature has its roots in Aboriginal and Harley Davidson oral history.

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Vicki Baker

How many smarties in a box?

Where are the ladies off to?

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Where are we going to end up??

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I spy with my little eye. You'll be caught.

Where were we when

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Dealer Steve

Promotes H.O.G. and the H.O.G. chapter to potential members.

  • Abides by the “Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters and all H.O.G. operating policies.

  • Ensures that the Chapter operates in accordance with the “Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters and H.O.G. operating policies.

  • Signs Annual H.O.G. Chapter Charter Application and ensures it is received in the H.O.G. office by 1st January.

  • If the Chapter is Incorporated, ensures the chapter complies with all corporate state/ national annual filing requirements.

  • Approves all Chapter Publications

  • Places chapter custom T- Shirt orders.

  • Approves any local chapter by- laws(along with International Manager).

  • Contacts the International Manager prior to disbanding chapter.

  • Contacts the International Manager prior to starting a chapter.

  • Approves all fund-raisers.